Hi and welcome to Surfcoast Corvettes, Inc – a Corvette Club located on the Geelong Surf Coast in south-western Victoria, Australia. This Corvette Club was founded for the enjoyment of Corvette owners, prospective Corvette owners and Corvette lovers in general.

About Us

Surfcoast Corvettes is a Corvette Club in Victoria, Australia, set-up for the enjoyment of the iconic American sports car, the Chevrolet Corvette. The club caters to the people of Geelong’s Surfcoast in south eastern Victoria, but has strong links with other Corvette clubs throughout Victoria and shares combined events with these other clubs.

Our Corvette Club has members from a diverse range of backgrounds who have found common ground in their love of the Iconic Corvette. The mixture of people seems to work out well and many new friendships are built within the club. Wives and partners are a big part of the mix and are included in all the activities. Although the emphasis is naturally on cars, and Corvettes in particular, the events are designed with an all-inclusive flavor.

If you want to join a Corvette Club, Surfcoast Corvettes’ Membership is open to everyone – Corvette owners, aspiring Corvette owners and all Corvette lovers.

Everyone is welcome to attend the Surfcoast Corvettes Meetings, which are held on the first Wednesday of each month. Check for details in the Calendar section of this site. This is an ideal way to join our Corvette Club.

Club Events

One of the prime purposes of a Corvette club is to run “cruises”.

Our Corvette club aims to run a breakfast or lunch cruise once a month. This is usually long enough to give our Corvettes a bit of a run, before stopping at an interesting place for breakfast, brunch or lunch.

On the third Wednesday of each month, during winter, we have our “Pub of the Month” choosing a good Geelong pub for a Corvette club dinner. In the warmer months we replace this with our “Fish ‘n’ Chip Friday”.

There are many other events organized throughout the year including our Christmas party, our Christmas in July, and our big club event “Cruizin’ the Surfcoast”, held each February. We also attend, as a group, the “Stingray Run” event, organised annually in October by fellow Corvette club, Central Vic Corvettes. We also attend, as a group, the annual Corvette Nationals, held in a different state each year.

Members are encouraged to suggest other events they would like our Corvette club to hold and are welcome to become event organizers.

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